Iron Wing Portable Horizontal Lifeline Systems

The easy to install and fully customizable Iron Wing System is ideal for larger beams and multi-span lengthy systems and is carefully engineered for continuous fall protection while giving you freedom of movement. DBI/SALA’s 3-point claw/contact system offers reliability without tie-back – reducing trip fall hazards.

The all metallic system, designed for durability and safety, includes a 3/8” 7×19 galvanized cable lifeline offset from the beam by 12” for easy passage and elevated 40” high for use as a hand rail. Engineered for convenience as well as safety, you can purchase a complete turnkey system or custom-design a system to fit your specific job requirements.


  • Two lightweight Iron Wing stanchions (anchors).
  • Internal in-line energy absorber.
  • 20 ft. cable assembly with turnbuckle.
  • Fastening hardware.
  • Standard size fits flanges 6”-12” and 12”-24” wide; up to 1-1/4” thickness.
  • Instructional video.

Similar Models:

  • 7000030: 30 ft. system.
  • 7000040: 40 ft. system.
  • 7000050: 50 fr. system.

Customize Your Own System

  • 7006606: Stanchion with energy absorber.
  • 7006608: Stanchion – Intermediate.
  • 7006602: Stanchion – Standard.
  • 7000000: Cable assembly with turnbuckle. 20 – 100 ft. lengths available in 10 ft. increments, (last three digits in part number detail length).
  • 7001000: Cable with swage fitting. 20 – 100 ft. lenghts avilable in 10 ft. increments, (last three digits in part number detial length).

Pipe Rack Systems
DBI?SALA has developed specialized Iron Wing systems to meet the unique challenges of providing fall protection to workers as they perforem maintenance and inspection duties on pipe rack systems.

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